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Saul is smart, informed and very detailed yet pleasant! 

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Alex & Caitlin Fichtler

Lacy has been absolutely incredible.  Her work has been truly amazing from our first conversation to present that I cannot believe that she has time for anything else, let alone other clients. She is so exceptional that I don't see how she hasn't magically found a few extra hours in the day that we all covet. She works incredibly hard and she is very dedicated to her clients. She is so gifted in what she does.  Not only does she work hard, but she is extremely talented. Professional women often have to toe a fine line, and Lacy absolutely nails it. She is direct, honest, and professional, while also personable, friendly and approachable. She goes above and beyond, every single step of the way. My husband and I literally count her in our blessings and have a profound level of respect for her both personally and professionally. ERA - you are beyond fortunate to have her on your team. She is more than an asset. She raises your company's name to a higher standard.


- Alex & Caitlin Fichtler
Agent: Lacy Browne