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"She is remarkable in the care and assistance she provides her clients. She kept us completely informed throughout and made the difficult processes as streamlined as possible. Gillian was available at a moment’s notice when we had questions and provided quick concise responses. She is a true professional."


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Mark Robinson

Sharon & Brian,

 I wanted to say thank you, once again, for all your hard work and effort in gettine me closed on Friday. And in my new home! I can't tell you how much I apprecaite it. Officially "owning" the place made unpacking and getting things in order this weekend so much more enjoyable. I've been something of a vagabond for the past seven months and it felt great tofinally begin to be settled in again. Thanks to you guys! I love the place and it's already comfortable to me. Just the right fit for a single guy and a weekend warrior on the rivers around here. Standing  on my front porch and looking up into the mountains is a wonderful thing.

Thank you, also, for the Organizer. That has to be one of the handiest items any new homeowner could have. I sat at my desk last night and took full advantage of it!

Again, everything you did is very much appreciated. My sincere thanks. If anyone comes my way needing a new home, you get the referral, for sure! 

- Mark Robinson
Agent: Brian Tudor