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Great and very on top of everything!


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Mark Robinson

Sharon & Brian,

 I wanted to say thank you, once again, for all your hard work and effort in gettine me closed on Friday. And in my new home! I can't tell you how much I apprecaite it. Officially "owning" the place made unpacking and getting things in order this weekend so much more enjoyable. I've been something of a vagabond for the past seven months and it felt great tofinally begin to be settled in again. Thanks to you guys! I love the place and it's already comfortable to me. Just the right fit for a single guy and a weekend warrior on the rivers around here. Standing  on my front porch and looking up into the mountains is a wonderful thing.

Thank you, also, for the Organizer. That has to be one of the handiest items any new homeowner could have. I sat at my desk last night and took full advantage of it!

Again, everything you did is very much appreciated. My sincere thanks. If anyone comes my way needing a new home, you get the referral, for sure! 

- Mark Robinson
Agent: Brian Tudor