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Adam Kananen

Adam, a third generation Montanan, was born in Billings and raised in Central Montana. He has been in the Livingston/Bozeman area since 2012, and is currently residing in the Shields Valley. Adam graduated from Montana State University, while working seasonally for a seafood company in a remote Alaskan village in Bristol Bay. 

Adam Kananen Livingston Montana Real Estate Agent

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During Covid, Adam and his partner began purchasing and renovating properties which sparked his interest in real estate, especially the ins and outs of investment properties. Adam loves to share his interest with others and can’t wait to help guide them through their journeys in real estate!

Fun Facts

Best place to eat in Livingston?
Audrey's Pizza - (awesome wings!)
Other places I've called home?
Off and on throughout my college career, I lived in a variety of places. For 6 summers I lived seasonally in a remote village in Alaska working for a seafood company. Between the seasons I spent time in Australia, SE Asia, Europe and Central America.
Best bucket list item?
Someday I would like to Bungee Jump
Favorite holiday?
I absolutely love Christmas. I enjoy the time spent with family and friends and all the holiday foods!
Sweet or salty?
Salty all the way, if there is a decision between chips and ice cream I know what I'm grabbing.
Local hidden gems?
Wolf's Mercantile in downtown Livingston! The first time I went into the store was around Christmas and I fell in love with all the amazing decorations, home goods, and fun stocking stuffers. It also helps that the owner, Mary, is one of the sweetest people I've ever met.
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