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Rose deButts

Rose has lived in Big Sky Montana for nearly 10 years, working as a ski instructor and in personal home management.  She grew up in Loudoun County, Virginia, moved to San Diego and then West Virginia where she was a raft guide, kayaker and ski instructor prior to making her home in Montana.  With almost 15 years of high level guiding, Rose knows how special it is to showcase the beauty of a destination where many visit for a short time and some call home.  If Rose isn’t taking advantage of what nature has to offer, she is spending time with her family and friends.

Rose DeButts Big Sky Montana Real Estate Agent
Rose deButts

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Rose’s interest in real estate stemmed from childhood when she joined her grandfather surveying his extensive Virginia farmland. Learning through being a first-time home buyer, seller, and buyer of her and her husband’s current Big Sky home, Rose aims to simplify the process for her clients.  After years of educating ski clients on the unique attributes of Big Sky as a second home and investment opportunity, Rose seeks to further develop her career combining her passion for people, Big Sky and real estate.  Her love and knowledge of Lone Mountain and Big Sky match her excellent customer service skills to represent those who already call the area home, those who hope to, or those that know just what a gem we have in Big Sky.

Fun Facts

Favorite book?
It is hard to pick only one, so I will cheat and say Stephen King's Dark Tower series which is eight books in total, 4,250 pages, and around 3 decades of writing.
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the small village of Lincoln, Virginia, founded by my Quaker ancestors in the mid 1700s. Since Lincoln is historically preserved, it is one of the few places in Northern Virginia that has remained unchanged since my childhood.
You have the afternoon to get away - what are you doing?
Soaking in one of our local hot springs.
Favorite season in Big Sky?
Being an avid skier, our winters are always outstanding. Between the terrain offered and the snowfall received, I never have a boring day on Lone Mountain.
Favorite room in the house?
The living room. Whether I'm hosting a party or lounging with my husband and two dogs, I want a cozy place where people feel at home.
Most amazing wildlife experience?
On a vacation in Costa Rica, I was enjoying my morning coffee on the patio when a three toed sloth slowly walked by. Afraid I might miss the opportunity to get a picture, I ran inside to grab my camera, and dashed back out. Lucky for me he hadn't gone far.
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