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Teaka Gainan

As a born and raised Montanan, I hold a deep appreciation for everything this remarkable state has to offer. Montana holds a special place in my heart, and I cherish its abundance of beauty and vast recreational opportunities that support my lifestyle. My passion lies in embracing the great outdoors, and I am a true Montana gal at heart. When I’m not working you can often find me exploring the rugged mountains and indulging in all the outdoor activities that Montana offers. Anything from hiking trails, casting lines in rivers, venturing into the woods for hunting trips, or setting up camp in picturesque locations—these are the moments that I value most. When I’m not enjoying the outdoors (or working!) you can find me buried in a book, at a concert, or on a plane to explore a new place.

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Born & raised in the booming metropolis of Billings (haha), I moved to Butte to seek change & be closer to the mountains. Real estate roots run deep in my family and after years of following my dad around to showings and learning the ins and outs of the business - I decided to follow that path as well. I take great pride in the extensive knowledge I hold of my home state and am passionate about sharing that with my clients and using what I know to guide them in their real estate endeavors. I am proud and passionate about advocating for my clients and value the relationships that I gain from doing so.

Fun Facts

Other places I've called home?
Billings, Bozeman, and BUTTE!
Who I admire? Why?
I greatly admire my grandpa. He is the most caring, hardworking, encouraging, humble, and dependable person you will meet. He is always the first to encourage and embrace a new idea or project...nothing is ever too big or wild for him. He is the definition of hard work and he truly never stops! He goes above and beyond for his family, friends, and grandkids and he's a positive presence in everyone's life. Those fortunate enough to know him are truly lucky!
Fan favorites from my kitchen?
I burn everything...and I mean EVERYTHING!
Favorite hike?
Hyalite Peak
Childhood nickname?
My happy place?
My grandpa's ranch near Red Lodge, Montana
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