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Are you ready to start searching for Bozeman, Big Sky, Livingston, Clyde Park or Ennis, Montana Real Estate?

Whether you are looking for the first home of your own, a building site to construct your future home or an investment/resort property, let a professional at ERA Landmark Real Estate assist you in the process.

Getting Started:

Access to information is one of the most desired services that we provide our customers. This website is designed to allow you to view all types of properties that are currently available for sale. Over 80% of searches for a home begin on the Internet; so you are already in good company.

Nine Steps to Assist Your Real Estate Search:

  1. It is easy to lose sight of what you need and become overwhelmed in the process. Make a list of your basic needs such as house size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, general location and any additional space requirements that are absolutes. Add to your list any definite attributes or locations that you do not desire in your property. Rank your list and consider your willingness to compromise on any of these items.


  2. Next, list the secondary aspects that will be important considerations in your property purchase. (i.e. mudroom, extra large garage or additional storage)


  3. Check your credit . . . and be realistic about what financial obligations you already have. allows you to request your credit report for free once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.


  4. Get your “financial house” in order: Consult with a lender to review your financial situation and get a preliminary understanding of how your buying potential translates into a purchase price range.
    • Determine what monies you have available for a down payment; and the source of those funds.


    • Avoid major purchases until you're in your new home; they could affect the amount you'll be able to borrow.


    • Postpone that new credit card; and cancel cards you use very rarely or not at all. The availability of a line of credit will reduce what a lender is willing to offer you.


  5. Use as your online tool for finding virtual tours, property photographs and additional information on listings that meet your “must have” criteria.


  6. As you begin to sort through different property options and have a better idea of what you might be looking for, it is time for you to connect with an ERA Landmark Real Estate professional. Our associates have varying expertise and personalities; review their bios, education, interests and client testimonials for more information.


  7. Establishing a good rapport with your realtor is important. Our real estate professionals will listen to your needs, answer your questions and show you homes that fit your particular desires. Certain homes may even be new to the market and not yet available online. A dedicated real estate professional will simplify the seemingly endless details that buying a home entails and keep the process on track.


  8. Shop for Financing – Get your finances organized for a lender to qualify you as a borrower. Find a lending professional who understands your needs and offers financing that will work for your situation. A pre-approved buyer is a much stronger buyer in any market.


  9. When you find the home or property that is right for you, be ready to make an offer! Your ERA Landmark Real Estate professional will walk you through the offer and acceptance phase of purchasing and prepare you for the next steps along the way.

Best wishes and enjoy the journey of finding Bozeman, Big Sky, Livingston, Clyde Park or Ennis Montana Real Estate.

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