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Bozeman Ranks in Top 5 Luxury Markets

Posted on July 19, 2018 by Carlee Spritzer

It's no surprise to Bozemanites our beloved home is our pride and joy, bur extremely sought after. Forbes names Bozeman in top Five Emerging Markets for Luxury Real Estate in North America. In today's world "Luxury" is not always the highest priced tag, but intertwining our most desirable needs. With more opportunity to have the "luxury" of working remotely, it's imperative to be in proximity to what we love. We crave family, friends, amenities, recreation to live happier lives and Bozeman sure have the best recreation out there.

Bozeman has been long renowned among outdoor enthusiasts for its fishing, hiking, skiing and cycling. Perhaps one of the first hubs of "Silicon Prairie," Bozeman has become home to quite a few tech startups. As more jobs pour into the area, people are not only coming to Bozeman but staying there thanks to the outdoor amenities and work-life balance it affords — and the real estate market is reflecting this.

Everywhere you look there is new construction and growth; residential and commercial. Bozeman's annual growth rate (4.3 percent) has held steady, the city has likely surpassed the 49,000 mark this year.

Bozeman is one of the fastest-growing non-metropolitan areas in the country. As the number of single-family homes in Montana has grown exponentially over the past 25 years, Gallatin county continues to lead that growth.

Along with Bozeman, the other 4 Luxury Markets consist of: Southeast Coastal Communities, Brooklyn NY, Portsmouth NH and Portland ME. Photo Credit: Montana State University Stay a week or a lifetime eralandmark



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