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Bozeman's Third Quarter Cost of Living Report

Posted on October 28, 2009 by ERA Landmark

The cost of living in Bozeman for the third quarter of 2009 was 5.7 percent higher than the national average, Prospera Business Network announced Wednesday.

The figure was generated by the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, which compares the cost of consumer goods in more than 300 cities across the country. Prospera provides the prices of goods and services for Bozeman.

Prospera's figures show that in the second quarter of the year, Bozeman's cost of living was only 3.3 percent above the national average.

Bozeman's cost of housing also increased relative to the national average. In the second quarter of 2009, the cost of housing in Bozeman was 7.3 percent above the national average. In the third quarter, it was 8.5 percent above average.

Read the full article here. Thanks to Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Note: Prospera Business Network has not yet released the official Cost of Living Report for the 3rd Quarter 2009.

While this number may seem high, please note that last November 2008, the Bozeman area cost of living was up to 9% above the national average.

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