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Current Don't Miss Trends

Posted on June 12, 2019 by Robyn Erlenbush

When viewing homes, what looks to be dated to one person may be cutting edge and making a comeback to another. Just like fashion, trends are a big part of the home industry.

Take wallpaper for instance. The origins began as early as 200 B.C. in China when rice paper was newly invented and glued to walls. In more recent times, it has come in and out of favor as designs and materials have advanced. Today’s products are washable, long lasting, affordable and come in any style you could imagine. Currently enjoying its heyday for people who appreciate bold decorating, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing recently revealed the top six styles making the rounds right now.

  1. Floral designs which are vivid yet not reminiscent of the 1980s.
  2. Retro designs incorporate modern facets so they feel fresh. Think paisley patterns in current, popular color palettes.
  3. Geometric shapes, especially on accent walls, can make a huge impact.
  4. Art Deco was extremely influential 100 years ago, so its resurgence in today’s wallpaper designs is welcomed.
  5. Palm trees and beach inspired designs can define a room and enhance anyone’s mood.
  6. Textured wallpaper instantly upgrades a wall to give the essence of luxury and style.

Another noteworthy trend is that Less is More. Major purchases are being made after considering how they will stand the test of time based on materials used and design functionality. Timeless pieces are always worth the investment.

In our increasingly fast-paced, technology ridden world, having a connection with nature and the ability to bring the outside in has become more emphasized. This includes light colored wood floors to give an airy feel.

As for the popular color swatches for 2019, HGTV did a rundown of what the leading paint companies are expecting. The color of the year announced by Pantone was Living Coral, described as “animating shade of orange with a golden undertone.” Benjamin Moore chose Metropolitan which is a calming gray color. Behr’s top choice was Blueprint, which is a mid-tone blue. Cavern Clay, an “earthy terracotta”  won the top spot with Sherwin Williams.

The list of what is on-trend can go on and on, and the same goes for trends that have gone by the wayside. However, the most common one we have been hearing about lately is simply that clutter is out. It would be almost impossible to not have heard about the KonMari method of “simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life.” This basic philosophy of starting out with a clean slate and then only adding items (trendy or not) that truly make you happy is the most clever trend of all.

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Agents: Robyn Erlenbush


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