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December Guest Artist - Matthew MaCoy

Posted on December 9, 2020 by Becca Quackenbush

We proudly announce our newest Guest Artist showing in our downtown Bozeman office! Stop by to view Matthew MaCoy's stunning Montana landscape photography through the month of December.

Matthew MaCoy is a Montana-based photographer living in Bozeman. Prior to moving to Bozeman to study photography and philosophy, Matt lived day-to-day incorporating photography into his routine and habits. The routine and unceasing passion for photography has come to play a major role in his life. Growing up in Denver, Colorado, Matt was raised to appreciate the nature around him but was always seeking more space to roam.

His continued affection for the outdoors influenced his involvement in outdoor recreation such as skiing, biking, and backpacking. MaCoy’s undying love for nature is evident in his art, both subjectively and conceptually. The aesthetic aspect of his landscape and documentary images is paramount, but the focus on aesthetics often gives way to social commentary on man’s interaction with nature. As an environmental photographer, MaCoy explores the dichotomy between our society and its relationship and position within the cosmos. MaCoy’s primary goal is to communicate an essence of unity and connection between modern man and the natural world.

Living in Bozeman, the surrounding splendor of Montana wilderness allows MaCoy to experience this unity first hand and interact with nature in a positive way. Exploring a multitude of styles and aesthetics in his work, MaCoy uses medium and large format film as well as digital media to capture scenes in grandiose scale and detail, consuming the audience within the landscape. Continuing forward, Matthew intends to keep traveling to discover new places, lifestyles, and cultures to photograph.

Through adventure, MaCoy seeks a balance between fine art and outdoor commercial photography. Not looking to market outdoor products but rather advertise the Great American Treasure of public land and advocate for the conservation of this invaluable resource.


The photographs displayed here at the Downtown Bozeman Visitor’s Center are an amalgamation of various landscapes from around Montana. Over the last six years, MaCoy has been exploring and photographing the rich landscapes around him. This opportunity is afforded through the same marvel that makes recreation possible: Public Lands.

As a testament to his use of these public lands, MaCoy will be donating 20% of the proceeds from print sales to Montana-based non-profits the Gallatin Valley Land Trust and the Public Land/Water Access Association.



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