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Economic Outlook Seminar: Finding Good Workers

Posted on February 18, 2020 by Tim McWilliams

The 45th Economic Outlook Seminar hosted by the University of Montana highlights the latest economic trends for local economies and the state of Montana. The topic this year was “Finding Good Workers”. Every year, ERA Landmark looks forward to attending as a group to hear from the economic experts we have in Montana on topics such as growth, employment, technology, entrepreneurship, agriculture, and what we should expect in the coming year. This event brings attention to potential opportunities coming our way and what we can do to stimulate success within our expanding sectors.

If you didn’t make it to this year’s Economic Outlook Seminar, here’s what our team at ERA Landmark thinks you’d want to know!

“I am proud of everyone who comes from the company and the community. I found the technology and start-up businesses in Gallatin Valley make us unique compared to the rest of the state. There is an incredible spinoff from tech and tech companies in Bozeman. The impact of our air service at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport plays an important role in our growth and continues to make us more accessible and desired”. -Robyn Erlenbush, Broker/Owner of ERA Landmark

“In the past, Gallatin Valley was the 3rd highest economic growth county behind Billings and Missoula. Now, Gallatin Valley has overtaken Missoula and we are the 2nd greatest economy in the state.” -Orville Erlenbush

“This is the best vehicle to understand the components of our local economy. The growth we are seeing is making us more economically viable than anywhere else in Montana. The trade sector takes up nearly 30% of the economy, manufacturing adds another 15%, while Agriculture has shrunk to 5%. This is a good indicator of where the area is growing and where the jobs will be.” -Ray Atteberry

“The Rocky Mountain front has been referenced by some economists as the ’third coast’ - a sector of the nation where population migration data shows people are moving to areas that have access to national forests and parks, open space and trails, mountains and rivers, and where quality of life and outdoor recreational pursuits are readily available. The expansion of the tech sector has allowed people to live where they love and work anywhere in the world. Trends are still showing that people are choosing to live in the Gallatin Valley because they can have balance in their career and lifestyle. Continued advancement of technology infrastructure in our region is vital to attract new jobs, new workers, and support continued economic growth to sustain them. -Cheryl Ridgely

“I was happy to see that they’re recognizing the technology sector as its own segment and topic. Giving them the spotlight and recognizing the sector as a hub and strong part of our economy is much deserved,”- Amanda Weber

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