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June Guest Artist - Adair Peck

Posted on June 1, 2021 by Becca Quackenbush

We proudly announce our newest Guest Artist showing in our downtown Bozeman office! Stop by to view Adair Peck's gorgeous encaustic paintings through July 6th.

About Adair

A painter of people, landscapes and animals, and abstracts, Adair Peck is directly inspired by the culture and surroundings of all the places she’s lived. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and encouraged by her mother, renowned artist Fay Peck, she studied art at Boston University and earned her MFA from Brooklyn College. In the late 1980s and early ’90s, Peck lived in the East Village of Manhattan and her portraits embraced the aspiring artists of the downtown scene, along with the homeless residents of Alphabet City. Peck captured the era’s spirit of freedom and decay in her many prints, paintings, and collages. In 1991, Peck was commissioned to recreate these scenes as a backdrop for the production of ‘“Fallen Angel,” for the legendary La Mama Theatre.


Whether she’s depicting gritty street scenes or breathtaking mountain vistas, Peck’s art reflects her personal observations and reactions to the world around her. Like the German Expressionists and Mexican Folk Artists who continue to influence her work, Peck attempts to capture her own visceral experience of the world. She has worked as a multi-media printmaker, sculptor, and painter.

Among the variety of styles and subjects, Peck has depicted are papier-mache animals inspired by Montana’s beautiful wilderness and large-scale figure paintings incorporating the Chine-Colle printmaking technique. In Peck’s most recent work, encaustic painting allows her to continue her explorations with subject and materials as she mixes pigment, coffee grounds, and paper into beeswax. She then paints, melts, and scrapes layers of color and texture to reveal her latest subjects and her own personal story.

Over the years, Peck has lived and worked in the suburbs, the city, the beach, and the mountains. You can see the inspiring places and expressive characters she has met throughout her work. She now lives in Bozeman, Montana where she and her husband are raising their three daughters.


Follow Adair on Instagram, read more about her process on her website, and shop through her prints on Etsy! To support a project she is fond of, Adair has chosen to donate 15% of proceeds from the sale of her pieces during her show to the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Montana. With our love of our community, ERA Landmark will be price matching donations up to $250! You can drop by and see the show through July 6th or come on down and join us on June 18th at 5 pm for an artist reception to socialize and sip some wine!


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