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Austin Beveridge Volunteers with Warriors & Quiet Waters

Posted on March 21, 2022 by ERA Landmark

ERA Landmark's sales associate Austin Beveridge volunteered for the second year to help a Warriors & Quiet Waters program. The Fishing Experience (FX) is a program offered to all post 9/11 combat veterans who have served in the United States military by the Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation. Their mission statement is, "We believe that we are part of the solution regarding our nation’s injured defenders by providing a respite from the stresses of war, the monotony of lengthy hospital stays and traditional therapy, and the many day-to-day struggles involved in their journey home."


With a motto of "Healing Through Fly Fishing", there are several FX programs available to veterans, the most popular being The Solo Fishing experience that "brings six Warriors together for a week of camaraderie and world-class fly fishing. WQW serves Warriors who are at all stages of transition and strives to create a setting for positive growth and connection. Outcomes often include a reduction in feelings of isolation, better mental health, improved relationships, and improved fly fishing skills." With over 1,100 participants, 159 fishing experiences, and 278 volunteers annually, the overall experience that WQW provides is a blessing to all involved.

Volunteering for his second year and helping with the "Sayonara Dinner", Austin weighs in on his experience with his volunteer work.

"It's an honor to be a part of the selfless and life-changing organization of Quiet Waters. WQW creates a setting for our veterans to learn and enjoy the fly fishing experience that we all love.

This was my second fishing experience as a volunteer cook, or as WQW calls us 'Moms and Dads'. I was the lead Dad,  writing the menu for the week and cooking with two other volunteers (Mark and Tammy Heniser). We prepared some mouthwatering meals like Bison Brisket Tacos and Shepherd's Pie. We enjoyed feeding the Warriors each day, and we like to think they enjoyed eating!

Quiet Waters is an amazing organization with Warriors and staff that exude greatness. I can't recommend WQW enough for combat veterans and those looking to be a part of the solution."



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