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10 Tips on How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Posted on January 18, 2024 by Becca Quackenbush

Coming out of Montana's typical cold spell we can expect each winter, it's a good time to implement some energy-efficient tips for your home! Read below for our top 10 tips to make your home more energy efficient:

  1. Heating and cooling: Heating and cooling is the top power guzzler in your home, accounting for almost half of your power bill. You could save up to 10% on heating and cooling costs just by adjusting your thermostat by around 7-10°F for eight hours a day.
  2. Be aware of energy vampires: Even when you’re not using your appliances, some of them still use power. So, when you’re done using an appliance or electronic device, unplug it from the outlet until the next time.
  3. Switch to LED lighting: If you are still using incandescent lights, consider switching them out for LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs use roughly six times the power of LEDs, which can really add up.
  4. Wash clothes responsibly: Wash your clothes in cold or warm water. Switching your loads from hot to warm water can cut your energy use in half. When it comes to drying, always opt for air-drying unless you’re in a pinch.
  5. Change your bathtime habits: Replacing your showerhead with a low-flow unit can cut down your water wastage by reducing your water pressure.
  6. Choose energy-efficient products: When choosing an ENERGY STAR qualifying appliance, you’ll be using less energy when compared to a non-qualifying electronic.
  7. Moderate holiday power use: If you’ve got a second refrigerator or freezer to store turkey or other food for entertaining, only run it when necessary. Lights and large, powered decorations should be switched off during the day and overnight when they won’t be enjoyed.
  8. Replace old appliances: As the world of technology has evolved, appliances and gadgets operate more efficiently, which means your older electronics could be using up to 66% more power than newer models.
  9. Don’t waste power: Be mindful of only using power when it’s necessary, and only using as much power as required to get the job done. For example, your fridge could be turned down a notch and still function perfectly well.
  10. Cook smart: When using the oven, it’s best to keep the door closed throughout cooking. When reheating, opt for the microwave rather than your oven to use less power.

Whether it’s the planet, your wallet, or both, by making some small changes in your home, you can get on the path to energy efficiency today.

Source: ERA In Your Corner

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