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Downtown Bozeman August Guest Artist - Jake Mosher

Posted on August 8, 2022 by Becca Quackenbush

ERA Landmark proudly announces our current Guest Artist showing in our downtown Bozeman office! Stop by to view Jake Mosher Photography's stunning Montana landscape and wildlife photography now through the month of August! Join us Friday, August 12th from 6-8pm for downtown Bozeman's second to last Art Walk of the summer season!

About Jake Mosher

"Jake Mosher grew up in Northern Vermont and has lived in Montana for the past 27 years. He has worked as a logger, novelist, substitute elementary school teacher, journalist, prize fighter, and explosives engineer. In the fall of 2017, he left corporate America to pursue his passion for photography full time. 

'I wanted to spend more time in the places that speak loudest to my soul,' Mosher says. 'I believe that the world, particularly off the beaten path, is still a wonderful thing to see and that time spent on the other side of the mountain is always worthwhile.'

Mosher’s work has been published across the globe, from National Geographic to the London Times to the China Post. Among other awards, he is the winner of the 2020 National Wildlife Federation’s Photo Contest for the best landscape in America and the 2018 People’s Choice Astronomy Photographer of the Year. He hopes that his photos will help create awareness of some of the wilder places remaining in North America and the importance of preserving them."

About Jake's Work

"In extraordinary country, remarkable moments occur more frequently than most people imagine. From the heart of Montana’s remote mountain ranges, to the edge of the windswept plains, these images showcase the very best of the region’s natural beauty.

Whether I’m photographing an abandoned church near the Canadian Line under the spring Milky Way, waiting for a summer sunset in the middle of the Spanish Peaks, or climbing down from the top of the Absaroka Range after a night under the stars, the breadth and diversity of Montana’s wild places is never lost on me. I have loved the land off the beaten path since I can remember, always striving to see what’s around the bend, what the world looks like on the far side of the mountain. I love what I find in these places, and I hope that comes through in my photography.

I am thrilled by nature, in which I believe there is no such thing as the ordinary. The vast and the tiny are equally beautiful, waiting to be discovered by anyone who can slow down and look around. As we hurtle along on technology no one could have imagined a couple of decades ago, I think it’s ever more important to realize what a wondrous world exists around us, critical that we acknowledge part of our responsibility as a species is protecting the remaining wild places.

With this selection of photographic art, if a single person is inspired to take a walk in the wilderness, look up into the heavens after dark and realize how beautiful the night sky can be, or pause to watch a butterfly on a wildflower, my mission has been a success. This art is a representation of how I see the world and includes much of my heart and soul."

Our Pledge

ERA Landmark has always approached hanging artists in our office a little differently - instead of taking a commission from art sales, we ask our artists to donate a small percentage towards a local charity or nonprofit near and dear to their hearts. Jake has pledged to donate 15% of his art proceeds from any sales to Warriors & Quiet Waters, a local nonprofit organization that helps military veterans, "through the experience of fly fishing and other outdoor recreational activities in Montana, WQW helps post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones thrive." To further help support Jake's cause, ERA Landmark will be price matching a donation of up to $250 as well towards the same association.

Join Us For Art Walk!

There's no better time to come meet and greet Jake and see his photography than August 12th from 6-8pm for downtown Bozeman's second to last Art Walk of the summer! Hosted by ERA Landmark, there will be refreshments, a prize drawing, and great conversation all around! We hope to see you there.

Jake Mosher Photography Website
Jake Mosher Instagram
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