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ERA Landmark proudly announces our current Guest Artists showing in our downtown Bozeman office! Stop by to view a magnificent trio of artists Melissa Summerfield, Carmen Young, and Scott Tuchel for a group show titled "What Ties Us Together: Three Montana Artists, Three Perspectives" showcasing their beautiful Montana landscape paintings now through the month of October! Join us Friday, October 6th from 5:00-7:00 pm for an opening artist reception to meet and greet these fantastic artists!

Melissa Summerfield

Melissa is a native Bozemanite, she captures her love of Montana's landscape in oils. When not in the studio you can find her teaching art to elementary students and exploring the great outdoors with her family and pup. "Over the years I have always returned to capturing the landscapes that surround my hometown -- its mountains, rivers, fields and always the big skies; with an emphasis on the interplay and movement between these elements. I think of each piece as a view into my 'internal landscape,' and I welcome each viewer into these familiar yet wondrous places that we are so fortunate to call home." -Melissa Summerfield

Carmen Young

"When I am painting skies, I feel free. Free to trust the process, free from worry about how it will all turn out and free to let the pressures of life slip away. May this very feeling translate to the viewer. When my art finds a new home, I hope that it is because the collector knows what it feels like to have Montana woven into their hearts.

Being born and raised in the Gallatin Valley, the landscape is enmeshed in my soul and the beauty and grandeur of the evocative skies beg to be captured by my brush. With oil paint, I lay down color on the canvas in hopes of creating a tangible Montana memory - a sense of place, peace, and reflection - to imprint a deeper understanding of that moment before it slips away. I seek to represent the emotion of light and color in the sky and cast a shadow on the land. The favored light of early morning, late afternoon and evening have a way of drawing my awareness and from those moments my best art is inspired.

I choose oil paint for it’s luxurious texture, vibrancy of color and durable nature. I love the historical longevity of the medium and that artists for centuries have created with pigments that are still in use today. I prefer that the texture of the canvas is visible as it reminds me of the generations that have lived in this valley and that they have created the cloth of our communities and culture. My eyes are always scanning for dramatic light, clouds that stop me in my tracks and land that is wide open. I am never without a camera and often do much of my compositional thought process and building of the color story for each painting in the field. Many family members, friends and collectors of my art have sent me photographs of amazing beauty in the skies they have witnessed. This is utimately one of my greatest artistic joys – that others are observing their landscape and perhaps, that is more so because of my art.

My art grows out of the wide, open spaces, and the farmland undisturbed unless in preparation for or harvest. I respect the efforts of many to protect, nuture and communicate the importance our land. I have family who still work the land of this valley and I admire their efforts to care for and nuture it – there is deep value in this commitment. My work has been shaped by other artists whose ability to translate color and texture are awe inspiring. The research process for me, is one of waiting and visiting often so as not to miss an opportunity. It is my hope that my art will move its viewers to pause, reflect and seek moments of observation in their surroundings.

There is a push and pull as I work through each painting, both on the canvas and internally. Each painting gifts me something in return: whether it be artistic growth in expressing light, texture and spatial depth; revelation of understanding the land and sky in a new way; or simply the joy it brings others when they view it in person. When I approach the canvas, I expect an accurate translation of light and depth, of emotional response and a greater appreciation for creation and its creator."

Scott Tuchel

Scott Tuchel is an artist based in Montana. Scott has been finding excuses to get outside for as long as he can remember. When he’s indoors he paints. "I grew up around painters so maybe painting is in my DNA? All I know for sure is that there are stories that I need to tell and for me painting is where my voice is the strongest. I primarily work in oils. A painting starts in my imagination and I may work on it in my head for days, weeks or even years, But once I start to put paint on canvas it goes pretty quickly."

Our Pledge

ERA Landmark has always approached hanging artists in our office a little differently - instead of taking a commission from art sales, we ask our artists to donate a small percentage towards a local charity or nonprofit near and dear to their hearts. In light of Breast Cancer Month in October, Melissa, Carmen, and Scott have pledged to donate 20% of their art proceeds from any sales to Bozeman Cancer Support Community whose mission is "To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community." To further help support our artists' cause, ERA Landmark will be price-matching a donation of up to $250 as well towards the same association. In addition to donating a sales percentage, Melissa, Carmen, and Scott are offering three pieces to be individually auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going back to BCSC. Our artists graciously invite everyone to join them at Bozeman Cancer Support Community's Rays of Hope Annual Gala which is held on October 13th at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.

Bozeman Cancer Support Community
Melissa's Website
Carmen's Website
Scott's Website
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