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Downtown Bozeman September Guest Artist - George Kalantzes

Posted on September 1, 2021 by Becca Quackenbush

We proudly announce our newest Guest Artist showing in our downtown Bozeman office! Stop by to view George Kalantzes’ jaw-dropping photography through September 30th.

About George

George Kalantzes is a Montana-based landscape/nature photographer who is passionate about preserving the beauty and solitude of wild places in the Western United States.  His artwork depicts the quiet beauty found within the grand landscapes of the West.  Simple, intimately composed images are key characteristics of his photography.  He is a self-taught photographer who embarked on a professional landscape photography career in 2014. 

In addition to work in-field, George devotes a considerable amount of time studying and educating himself on traditional and contemporary elements of photography.  Each year he attends at least one comprehensive, in-person educational workshop.  Most recently, a week-long immersive workshop instructed by Alex Noriega in Death Valley National Park.

George's Artist Statement

“Since becoming a professional landscape photographer in 2014, my images have increasingly focused on more intimate, smaller segments of the broader landscape.  I particularly enjoy this process because it imposes a more deliberate, thoughtful approach to photography.  One that in my estimation produces more artistic images.  The desire to create this type of imagery is motivated solely by my personal interest in experiencing and sharing the quiet beauty of nature in uncluttered places.  A successful image to me is technically sound, well-composed, represents a personal experience, carries personal meaning, and evokes some form of emotional response. 

My photography is done in non-familiar locations, well away from others and almost always alone.  It’s in these places that I find solace and can fully concentrate on what I’m trying to accomplish photographically. 

I call Montana (Belgrade) home and spend a considerable amount of time in Southern Utah as well.  I spent a significant amount of time when I was growing up on my grandparent’s farm in Nashua, MT, and with my cousins in Glasgow.  The massive open spaces of Northern Montana and the seemingly endless landscape were etched in my mind at a young age.  As a landscape photographer, I’ve come to appreciate that those same empty spaces are filled with beauty.  The tranquility and simplicity of the landscape, not to mention the quality of light, colors, and textures are all key elements found in many of my images.”


ERA Landmark has always approached hanging artists in our office a little differently - instead of taking a commission from art sales, we ask our artists to donate a small percentage towards a local charity or nonprofit near and dear to their hearts. In loving memory of his late mother who had passed away in 2018 from Alzheimer's, George has pledged to donate 100% of his proceeds towards the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. A 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is dedicated to funding research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing, or reversing Alzheimer’s disease. To further help support George’s cause, ERA Landmark will be price matching a donation of up to $250 to Alzheimer’s research as well.

Can’t make it downtown to see George’s artwork, but are very interested in supporting his cause? Our gracious photographer is hosting a Virtual Exhibit and Fundraiser where you can donate as much as you’d like towards Alzheimer’s research, and George will send you one of his stunning photo prints.

With the blessing of George, ERA Landmark and agent Mark Meissner will be hosting an art opening event on Friday, September 10th from 4-8pm during Downtown Bozeman’s Art Walk series! It will be the last Art Walk of the summer, and we hope to see you there to meet other agents, drink some tasty wine, and look at some astounding artwork.

George Kalantzes' Website
View Virtual Exhibit
George Kalantzes' Facebook
George Kalantzes' Instagram
Categories: Montana Living
Agents: Mark Meissner


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