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Is Tiny House Living a Trend That’s Here to Stay?

Posted on March 22, 2024

Is “tiny house living” a passing trend or is it a lifestyle that’s here to stay? In the past few years, the tiny home trend has become more popular and mainstream. It offers an alternative lifestyle to “bigger and better” with minimalism and simplicity that many people are drawn to. Whether you’re looking for a lifestyle change or to achieve a level of financial freedom, tiny home living has become a popular choice. Is the tiny home trend right for you? Let’s look at pros and cons!



This is one of the first advantages that comes to mind when considering a tiny home. Lower square footage can mean lower construction costs and reduced utility bills. A smaller mortgage payment is always appealing!


If you love to travel or just don’t like the idea of being stuck in one place, the idea that you could “pick up and go” with your home can be appealing. Many tiny homes are built right on a trailer or with the ability to be transported fairly easily.


Because of a tiny home’s smaller size, they are inherently more sustainable than traditional homes. A lot of tiny homeowners and builders use eco-friendly materials and practices such as solar power, rainwater harvesting and off-grid living.

Minimalistic Living Style

Downsizing to a tiny home requires major decluttering and belonging downsizing. It’ll force you to evaluate all your belongings and prioritize them depending what you truly need and want. Embracing a minimalist lifestyle can help reduce stress and create a greater appreciation for finding joy in the simple things.

Customized Spaces

Building a tiny home from scratch gives you the ability to customize it to fit your family’s needs. From creative space-saving ideas and innovative storage solutions to reimagined outdoor living spaces, there are many ways to create the tiny house of your dreams.



Lack of Space

The most obvious disadvantage of a tiny house is the limited square footage. Tiny homes are meant for those looking for a more minimalist lifestyle even if just for a season of life.

Zoning and Regulations

Unfortunately, you can’t just park a tiny house anywhere in Montana. When looking for a spot to put your tiny house, whether permanently or temporarily, you’ll need to research local zoning and HOA regulations. There are areas that won’t allow tiny homes or have specific requirements to follow.


Montana winters can be brutal in the most traditional spaces, but in a tiny house with limited utilities, it could be disastrous. Winterize your tiny home if it’s already built or research materials and ideas to build your tiny house to withstand extreme cold weather.

Lack of Utilities and Amenities

There are sacrifices to living tiny and utilities and amenities are a couple of them. In some instances of tiny house living, utilities like water and electricity may require less usage. Having full size amenities like bathrooms and kitchens may be harder to come by in tiny homes than traditional homes strictly because of lack of space.

Have you been intrigued by tiny house living? It’s a lifestyle that’s not for everyone – that’s for sure! There are many pros and cons of living tiny but it all comes down to what will work for you and your family and, luckily, as the trend has grown in popularity there are many more resources online to help make your decision.

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