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Local Businesses for You: Art Galleries

Posted on May 21, 2021 by Becca Quackenbush

     Congratulations on the successful purchase of your new home! You’re most likely onto the next step. The packing and moving-in process universally gives almost everyone a headache; lifting, cleaning, renting trucks, hiring movers, Chinese takeout dinners on the floor because your dining table hasn’t arrived yet and your plates are five boxes deep in the pile…

     Don’t discourage yourself. This is an exciting time for you and your family! A new home is a blank canvas with many opportunities. Your home should reflect your personal taste and set an aesthetic to each room individually making it your own. The right item on your wall can work well with the tone, theme, and overall feng shui of the room.

     The best practice for decorating your home is to support local artists and their work. Our home in Montana offers a classic, western lifestyle that combines the rustic with contemporary and artistically represents the western subject matter. Take a look at some of our favorite art galleries in Big Sky, Bozeman, Ennis, and Livingston that can help you find the perfect statement piece you’ve been looking for.

Gallatin River Gallery | Big Sky, Montana

“Let us help you find that perfect work of art for your home or business. We show contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography, and one-of-a-kind jewelry from artists around the country.  Featured works are inspired by nature, landscape, and personal folklore. Our exhibitions include both solo and group shows throughout the year. The gallery also provides art consulting and installation services.” -Gallatin River Gallery The Gallery

Cello Gallery | Bozeman, Montana

“Every item at Cello has a story to tell. From clothing and accessories to locally made ceramics and dishware, to sculpture and fine furniture: each piece is completely unique and lovingly made to last. Cello offers home and interior design and custom items created in collaboration with local artists and fabricators. Under the direction of Zilis, Cello Design provides an individualized approach for a cohesive design from start to completion. Facilitation of one-of-a-kind projects is our specialty.” -Cello Gallery Gallery and Design

Visions West Contemporary | Livingston & Bozeman, Montana

“Visions West Contemporary is a dynamic art gallery, striving to push the boundaries of Art in the western region. Since our inception, the gallery has been motivated by a passion for nature, animals, environmental issues, and the West. The gallery’s program has evolved to include a heavy focus on art which references nature’s influence and the importance that its presence plays on the individual and society as a whole.  We have built a unique international roster of artists who have authentic voices and whose work demonstrates technical diversity, independence of thought, courage, and passion. The gallery provides an interesting and fresh platform for art in the Rocky Mountain region. We have searched the world to bring you art that surprises, delights, and provokes further discourse and thought. Not what you’d expect.” -Visions West Contemporary About

RiverStone Gallery | Ennis, Montana

“RiverStone Gallery, the oldest art gallery in Ennis, Montana, has moved to a beautiful space at 114 E. Main Street, here in the heart of flyfishing country. The larger space allowed us to add some of our favorite artists, so we have a wonderful and highly diverse collection of art, chosen for excellence in quality and design. Come see us in person, or explore online! Our special focus on fly fishing art reflects the fact the world-famous Madison River is only a couple of blocks away as it flows through the town. We also offer bold, contemporary wildlife art, warrior paintings, traditional oils, pottery, fine gourd art, and other delights.” -RiverStone Gallery Home


If you are still looking for your dream home that you can decorate with as much beautiful Montana artwork that you can, reach out to any of our experts today! 

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