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Montana State University: Back to School!

Posted on August 19, 2021 by Becca Quackenbush

Southwest Montana has had a booming summer chock-full of activities and travelers from all over! As we near some cooler temperatures and smoke-less skies, the college students make their way back to Bozeman for a brand new semester at Montana State University and a full line-up of events.

Move-In Weekend

The dorm doors are open and welcoming new and returning students back this weekend! The four-day-long event starts this Saturday, August 21st, and will continue up through the first day of classes Tuesday, August 24th to allow for everyone traveling from afar with their families time to get settled. The age-old tradition of getting to know the new roommate and exploring Bozeman will officially be in full swing. Welcome students!

Catapalooza & The Bookstore Bonanza

The back-to-school week for all Bobcats will kick off with the hopping Catapalooza, offering soon-to-be students and all Bobcat fans with over 175 MSU campus groups and local vendors presenting their great deals and ready to welcome you to Montana State. Head to the Centennial Mall (big stretch at the center of campus between Montana Hall and the Renne Library) Monday, August 23rd from 10 am - 3 pm to get some discounts and Cat swag! You won’t want to miss the best discounts of the year at the MSU Bookstore during their Bonanza sale. Head downstairs into the Student Union Building from 10 am - 5 pm to get your course books, enter into raffles, and enjoy the DJ. Check out the campus map to help you find your way around!

MSU Fall 2021

Classes for all students will begin Wednesday, August 25th! The spring semester brought in over 15,000 students even in the midst of Montana opening back up after closing down during COVID-19, and the expectation is the same for the upcoming Fall semester. President Waded Cruzado has asked her students, faculty, and staff to enjoy the semester “The Bobcat Way” with caution and respect to your fellow Bobcat. Just because classes will be in full swing, doesn’t mean the activities will stop. There is a full lineup of events for all Cats to enjoy, including the M Photo, a Block Party, Movie on the Lawn, and Rockin’ the M to name a few. One of the most anticipated returns to the norm is Bobcat athletics. Expect all events back to full capacity and get ready to cheer on your favorite teams! Download the schedule for our boys’ Bobcat Football here! We’re glad to see everyone back, and have a wonderful semester Montana State!


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Bobcat Football Schedule | Fall 2021
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