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Quality of Life Principles for Montana REALTORS

Posted on January 15, 2009 by ERA Landmark

REALTORS® recognize the need to sustain and enhance the quality of life enjoyed by Montana's citizens. We belive we can build better communities by supporting quality growth and seeking economic and housing opportunities that embrace the environmental qualities we value, while protecting property owners.

Quality of Life Principles

  • Protecting Property Owners
  • Providing Housing Opportunities
  • Ensuring Economic Vitality
  • Preserving Our Environment
  • Building Better Commuinities

Special Thanks to Montana Association of REALTORS® for the seminar and brochure as well as to our ERA Landmark REALTORS®, Mark Driscoll, Sharon  Tudor Isler, Arnie Kleinsasser, Kelly Seymour, Brian Tudor, that attended.

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