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Top 3 Places to Rent Ski Gear in Big Sky, Montana

Posted on December 10, 2021 by Becca Quackenbush

There's nothing like spending the holidays in the infamous Big Sky, Montana! Traveling with your own ski gear is never easy, especially if you're bringing the whole family. Whether you are staying at Big Sky Resort or you found a local, long-term rental through Stay Montana, there are some excellent places to rent all the equipment you could need. We ranked the top 3 best places to rent ski gear in Big Sky, Montana below.

#1: Black Tie Ski Rentals of Big Sky

This particular company takes the cake for the sole purpose of its onsite delivery and fitting services! Perfect and ideal for those who are not staying at the resort up on the hill and are looking for a larger party of skiers to get outfitted, Black Tie Ski Rentals of Big Sky comes to you with everything you need, helps custom-fit equipment, and then picks it all up after all your adventures. If the conditions on the slopes change midday or a pair of boots needs adjusted or swapped out, their slopeside services techs will meet you up on the hill to get you back on your way. Make reservations with them for your stay.

#2: Lone Mountain Sports

If you plan on spending your skiing time solely at Big Sky Resort, then Lone Mountain Sports is the best rental company on location minutes from the lifts. Offering convenient full-day or half-day rental packages for all ski and snowboard experience levels, you can also get just about everything else in between. Having to load and haul your gear from the car every time there's fresh snow doesn't even compete against the convenience of grabbing and returning your gear right at the hill. Spend less time worrying about ski gear and more time experiencing Big Sky!

#3: Gallatin Alpine Sports

There's nothing better than trying out the latest and best brands you'll find out on the hill. Gallatin Alpine Sports offers great ski and snowboard rental demos packages so you can feel like a pro. Aside from demos, GAS provides package options for all the dynamic skiers out there looking for standard, performance, premium, Alpine, or even Nordic skiing rental gear. Reserve gear day-of or schedule in advance to ensure your Big Sky trip is well planned!

Looking for the best skiing in Southwest Montana? Check the daily snow reports from all the surrounding hills to find the freshest snow! Big Sky Resort - Big Sky, Montana | Bridger Bowl - Bozeman, Montana | Red Lodge Mountain - Red Lodge, Montana | Discovery Ski Area - Philipsburg, Montana

Recently make a trip to Big Sky and fall in love with everything it has to offer? Contact any of our local experts who would love to show you even more of Big Sky.


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