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Welcome Back MSU!

Posted on August 16, 2018 by Carlee Spritzer

The annual Move-In Day at Montana State University commences next Wednesday, August 22nd. With the start of a new year, MSU is celebrating an incredible milestone of 125 years of education and growth! In February of 1893, Montana legislature established the Agricultural College of the State of Montana, located in Bozeman. In the first year, only 46 students were enrolled in the college. Growth was slow and in 1905 enrollment finally exceeded 100. Between the years of 1928-1945, enrollment teetered back and forth over the 1,000 mark. Last year (2017), secured another all-time high headcount of 16,703 with the freshmen class being made up evenly of 50% Montana residents (represented by all counties), and 50% non-residents. Click here for more information on the enrollment over the lifetime of MSU. The start of the 2018 Fall semester at MSU also marks the beginning of a favorite Bozeman past-time: Bobcat Football! The first game of the season is set to kickoff on August 30th, where MSU will host Western Illinois at the 12th annual Gold Rush. View the rest of the 2018 Bobcat Football schedule below. For tickets and more information click here. MSU Bobcat Football 2018 Schedule

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