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Montana has been an unexpected and fortunate adventure. Growing up in Colorado, Machael experienced life on a small family farm before relocating to the suburbs of Denver. After completing her education she decided to move to Montana over two decades ago, despite having no prior knowledge of the town. 

The move to Bozeman happened swiftly, with Machael packing up her growing family on a Friday and settling in the Montana town by Monday. It was during this unplanned relocation that she discovered the beauty and connectedness of the area. Raising a family here and becoming a grandmother has further deepened Machael's appreciation for the fortunate accident that led her to Bozeman. It has allowed her to witness her family thrive in this beautiful Montana town and has given her even more reasons to stay connected to the community through her various activities and engagements. 

Her story exemplifies the power of chance encounters and the potential for unexpected opportunities to shape one's life in a profoundly positive way.

Machael Eickman Bozeman Montana Real Estate Agent
Machael Eickman
Sales Associate
Distinctive Properties, ABR, RENE, C2EX

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Machael brings years of experience in client care and attention to detail, she has the skill and knowledge of the valley to ease you through the buying and selling process. She attended Metropolitan State College in Colorado and then moving on to Parks Business college earning an associate degree in business management. She stays connected to the community through parent teacher associations, mentoring in the elementary schools, and wildlife conservation missions.

Fun Facts

Must haves in life?
Purpose, Accountability, Family, Adventure, and Cheese
Favorite movie genre?
Thrillers and adventure are equal
A great night downtown Bozeman is?
A drink at Lockhorn Cider House, dinner at Ted's and a show at the Ellen
Organization I am passionate about?
Thrive CAP program. I feel so many children just need that one person that isn't a part of their family or classroom that they can just talk to and play with who is only there for them.
Guilty pleasure?
Shameless and a glass of wine :)
Favorite sounds?
My family's laughter and the river.


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