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Becca was born and raised in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. She attended Montana State University where earned her BA in photography and rodeoed for the Bobcats. She loves going out on photo taking adventures and has recently aspired to become an at-home baker. Becca primarily hangs out at ERA Landmark’s downtown Bozeman office where she assists with marketing, manages local artists to hang their work, and concierges the Visitor Center.

Rebecca Quackenbush Bozeman Montana Real Estate Agent
Becca Quackenbush
Marketing Assistant / Downtown Concierge

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Fun Facts

3-5 must haves in life?
Absolutely must have: excellent coffee, a nice camera, a fast horse, and friends and family around you to share it all!
Fan favorite from your kitchen?
Chocolate-peanut butter ice cream cake!
Favorite memory you have from growing up in Bozeman?
I used to show horses at the county fair every summer until I was 16! What a wonderful week of hot weather, 4H exhibits, carnival food, and rides!
Favorite hike?
Arch Falls, up Hyalite! It's less traveled, but easy to get to and results in a beautiful, quiet niche!
If I won the lottery, I would?
Invest, donate, volunteer, and buy ALL the horses.
Favorite holiday?
Christmas: time to get the family all the baked goodies
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