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Katie Haley Grimm

As a resident of Big Sky since the “early days”, I am so grateful to call this extraordinary place my home and, in the position, to help others find a home in our mountain town. Whether you are here for a week or a lifetime, you too will experience the thrill of seeing a moose in the willows for the first time or a sun set over the Spanish Peaks that takes your breath away or witness the courage it takes to try something new whether it is a first-time ski or horseback adventure. 

Being here in Big Sky has been the ultimate place to share the values I was so fortunate to have gained in New York where I grew up, acquired my business degree and worked before moving to Montana.  Being here has also been the ultimate learning center for gaining skills and knowledge specific to the luxury resort real estate market. To all the family, friends and clients who helped me along the way, I feel ever indebted and will pass the gift of Big Sky forward as you did for me.

As your agent, my mission is to provide all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself in acquiring a property in Big Sky. I offer everyone a personalized “Big Sky 101 acquaintance tour” and will search relentlessly for a property and location that fits you perfectly. Please know that as your agent and friend, I regard your wellbeing and I value the relationships of the clients I have served. I will always make time for a past client! In closing, the Gallatin Real Estate Community is wonderful and I am proud to be a member of the Big Sky Country Multiple Listing Service. I invite you to consider the real estate opportunities we have to offer.  Best regards, Katie

Katie Haley Grimm Big Sky Montana Real Estate Agent
Katie Haley Grimm

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Katie's clients will attest to her in-depth experience and have affirmed it by the multiple referrals and the repeat business she has received throughout her career.  Exclusively working only in the Greater Big Sky Market has established a historical and financial knowledge for her that began with the creation of the Big Sky Ski and Summer Resort.  Involved in real estate from the very early days, she has witnessed the transition in the Resort ownership and has been ever present throughout the growth and expansion of the area, providing a comprehensive advantage in today’s market.

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Favorite part of SW Montana?
Yellowstone National Park
Best season?
Where is your happy place?
Big Sky, Montana



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